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Nomvula Sikakane

After we had been in and out of every clothing shop in Musgrave centre, tried over a hundred pairs of shoes and Lord knows how many clothes, all we needed to do was to have that special meal to give a beautiful end to an awesome but strenuous day. 2go worldwide international is one of those laid back, trendy restaurants on Musgrave road, if you are looking for a place to relax whilst enjoying a mouthwatering cuisine.

Since it is a Muslim owned restaurant they do not serve alcoholic beverages. So my friend and I settled for mocktails.  For me it was a mojito (a virgin cocktail), mint leaves with soda water and lemongrass syrup (R25) and for my friend Pretty, a ginger cup with mint leaves ginger ale, lemongrass syrup, with a strip of cucumber and a slice of orange for garnish (R25). The drinks were refreshing and thirst quenching, just what you need after a long hot day.

The waiter gave us five minutes to browse through the menu which seemed like 30 seconds because there are so many dishes to choose from. I had to ask for a recommendation because I did not want to order something that I can have at home. He suggested a few dishes including the New York steak, a 200g fillet steak soaked with a barbecue basting marinade served on a bed of stir-fry which comes with a side portion of either chips/rice/ penne pasta or roasted vegetables and  pepper sauce on the side (R99). Pretty decided on the Venetian rolled chicken, two fillets stuffed with feta cheese, fresh tomato and chili powder also served on a bed of stir-fry with a side salad and mushroom sauce (R89). For starters we had the garlic potato focaccia, mashed potato mixed with green chilis and a hint of garlic into two pizza bases (R49). It was something I wouldn’t want to try given a second chance,  burnt on the crust but doughy on the inside.

I’m a person who doesn’t really trust waiter’s choices as they tend to brag a lot and do not deliver most of the times but to my surprise, the steak was cooked to perfection. Succulent, pink on the inside and juicy. Pretty was also enjoying her soft and tender chicken breasts which went well with the choice of accompaniments.

With such a great experience with food we could only wonder if their dessert selection was anything to match their first two courses. So we ordered avocado shake, I wasn’t sure of the taste thinking of avocado and milk, it did not sit well in my mind. I must say I don’t regret it. It was beautiful, creamy, smooth, something one can have everyday… but if you are a health freak like myself that one experience was enough to make me try it once a month. The homemade brownies were really good, crunchy on the outside, nice and soft in the middle, it came with two dollops of ice cream and hot chocolate sauce.

If you are planning of taking a group of friends or family, I’ll suggest you take them on a Friday. They serve a buffet lunch for only (R79). We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why don’t you go visit 2go restaurant for their Bombay Brunch for (R99). I will recommend this place to anyone who wants to experience a variety of cuisines from around the globe.