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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Fun Valley sounds more like Disney land to me, so when I went to Johannesburg, when I was told I will be sleeping at Fun Valley, I was like OMG, I am going to Disney Land and I wont have a moments peace. I was wrong, yes I admit.  Fun Valley is much more that cottages or just any place you go for accommodation and you are out. it is FUN VALLEY. I arrived at night, way past bedtime and there were just a few people chilling outside their cottages and quenching the thirst.

The next morning, I was up by four and left the place around 6am, so I did not get to see the place but when I came back, boy oh boy! the place was packed, there was a wedding, some people were enjoying the picnic area, some swimming and YES some taking the ever so famous selfies, it was like a different place all together.

It was just a party, big fun party.


I loved the place, pity I had gone there for work so, I was not able to engage with the facilities as much as I wanted to but, the next time I go on a personal trip to Jozi, I am spending my weekend at Fun Valley.

the place is beautiful, the furniture is carved in strong wood, it has a old but modern feel.


I have been travelling a lot lately and I have slept and eaten in different places, five to zero star. My experiences though are not in any way influenced by the star that particular place holds, I love the homely feel of a place. A few weeks ago I went to Johannesburg, I must say Genderlinks cottages provided the best service known to men.gENDERLINKS

The cottages are nestled in beautiful garden setting with a beautiful view and sounds of birds humming. it stands above the hustle and bustle of the city, this place is peaceful and offers  tranquility. The complex offers the perfect venue for functions, business conferences, and personal and group retreats.

I enjoyed the unlimited WiFi, even though I was in conference all day, I could catch up with my reading and research at night. The rooms have names of  African countries, I was staying in Zimababwe this place is really like home and I would recommend it anyone.


30 Gill Street, Johannesburg, 2187
011 487 2829