Fun Valley sounds more like Disney land to me, so when I went to Johannesburg, when I was told I will be sleeping at Fun Valley, I was like OMG, I am going to Disney Land and I wont have a moments peace. I was wrong, yes I admit.  Fun Valley is much more that cottages or just any place you go for accommodation and you are out. it is FUN VALLEY. I arrived at night, way past bedtime and there were just a few people chilling outside their cottages and quenching the thirst.

The next morning, I was up by four and left the place around 6am, so I did not get to see the place but when I came back, boy oh boy! the place was packed, there was a wedding, some people were enjoying the picnic area, some swimming and YES some taking the ever so famous selfies, it was like a different place all together.

It was just a party, big fun party.


I loved the place, pity I had gone there for work so, I was not able to engage with the facilities as much as I wanted to but, the next time I go on a personal trip to Jozi, I am spending my weekend at Fun Valley.

the place is beautiful, the furniture is carved in strong wood, it has a old but modern feel.